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I’ve always loved dancing, and have found there are a number of places to go now that I’m an adult. I’m single, and it is sometimes difficult to find a partner. At my favorite club, there was a power outage last week. No one could see anything, but that didn’t stop the band from playing. The owner lit a few candles, and he placed them around the room so we could dance.

It turns out a lot of women are shy, but they were more willing to dance in the candlelight. Several of them told me they’d like to spend the night with me, and I found this encouraging. It turns out I’ve been trying to find a girlfriend, but local casual sex in London is readily available.

The owner of the dance club has decided to use fewer lights these days, and many of us are happy with his decision. We have found it is easier to meet someone on the floor and spend hours together when we can’t see each other too well.