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I am thirty years old holding a decent job and still attending college part time. My schedule this semester is pretty easy, I only have to go on Tuesday and Thursday nights for my classes. Last week we had to partner up with someone, I was late for class so I got stuck with this younger guy that I wanna fuck. I have been checking him out since the first day that I saw him.

For the most part I am not looking for a relationship, I just want to have fun on my days off of work. He gave me his number during Thursdays class and we are supposed to go out next weekend. I can pick anywhere that I want to go and it is his treat! I am going to be nice and take it easy on the cash he is spending and we are going to go to the local pizza parlor for dinner.

I have learned the hard way that you cannot trust anybody. Everyone talks about everybody else and the cycle is pretty much never ending. Last weekend my “so called” best friend and I went out with a few handsome gentleman from escorts in Derby and it was supposed to be an eventful, fun evening. Although the first part of the evening went well, the second part was absolutely awful. My friends date had left early due to a family emergency so it was basically a third wheel type thing. The one time I drifted off to the restroom by myself my lovely friend had decided to move in for the kill. When I came out I saw her grasping a hold of my date and whispering something into his ear. As soon as I saw that I veered to the right and headed straight for the door. No friend of mine ever does something like to me.

I’ve always loved dancing, and have found there are a number of places to go now that I’m an adult. I’m single, and it is sometimes difficult to find a partner. At my favorite club, there was a power outage last week. No one could see anything, but that didn’t stop the band from playing. The owner lit a few candles, and he placed them around the room so we could dance.

It turns out a lot of women are shy, but they were more willing to dance in the candlelight. Several of them told me they’d like to spend the night with me, and I found this encouraging. It turns out I’ve been trying to find a girlfriend, but local casual sex in London is readily available.

The owner of the dance club has decided to use fewer lights these days, and many of us are happy with his decision. We have found it is easier to meet someone on the floor and spend hours together when we can’t see each other too well.

In my life I have only ever found one friend that has ever truly stuck beside me and been there for me in my darkest times. I have known her for almost 30 years now and we have never fought or not kept in contact. We recently started working together at Nottingham escort agency which is absolutely exciting to me. We have that type of friendship where we don’t get sick of each other, it is very refreshing. I believe it is because both of us have a “just go with it” attitude in life and it makes us very easy to get along with. Before starting work together we hadn’t seen each other in over a year, but we still kept in touch throughout that time period. Since she started we have had the time to catch up on literally everything and I have to say it has been a blast from the past for sure.

Over the weekend, I had a romantic and relaxing time with my new fuck buddy at his house. Friday night we ordered some pizza and played video games all night long. We slept in half the day because we were tired from our long work week, both of us have stressful and demanding jobs.

We ordered some carry out food from the steak house, it was delicious. I usually don’t order from them because they are very expensive. After dinner, we went and rented a couple of movies that we both really wanted to see.

Sunday morning I got up and cooked us a big breakfast, which made us lazy for a couple of hours. I dropped the movies off on my way home and finished up some errands that I needed to get done before the work week started. I already miss my friend and will not see him until next weekend.

I have worked with the Nottingham escorts agency for quite a few years. I love it! I’m right now almost to the point that I can work on my own and not with the agency. The reason that I will be leaving the agency soon is because they take fees out of my money. By me working for myself, all the money is mine!

Within one year, I have obtained about 50 clients on my own that I see regularly. I’m always so exhausted because I am booked appointments at the agency also. My off days, I usually turn off my phone and do nothing but sleep the day away until my next session. One day, I will probably change careers once I get my mortgage paid off because I am single. I am the only one who pays my bills!